A very great game to play short term and long term a like you play the role of character who you can play the role of good or bad person depending on if you decide to do the right or wrong in the game can change how the storyline plays out .

Based in a post Apocalytpic screen area and is action based role player game which was made by Bethesda Game Studios by Mr Urquhart which is the instalment in the Fallout Series and Fifth overall and is the sequel to the Interplay Fallout 1 and 2 .

Vault is where you start the game off as like kid to young adult this is why you may hear people use the word vault to talk about this game in a very regular basic often.

V.A.T.S is what you use to upgrade your character ability or skills such such as strength levels so you may use this to explain how you improve the skills of your character often by simply sayingā€¯ I am going to add points to my V.A.T.S numbers

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